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Cambridge YLE Starters

Young learners can understand sentences about things around them, like'This is a chair', 'I like my school', 'That's my pen'.

Young learners can respond to personal questions on topics such as age, family, and their home.

Young learners can recognise the letters of the English  alphabet.

Young learners can write the letters of the English alphabet and spell their name and simple words.


Cambridge YLE Movers

Young learners can agree or disagree with someone, using phrases such as 'I think so', 'You are right', 'I don't think so'.

Young learners can ask questions and use fixed expressions, such as 'How much is/are', 'What's the matter?', 'I'm good at ...'.

Young learners can understand simple sentences if they read them slowly and several times.

Young learners write simple sentences, using words given to them,


Cambridge YLE Flyers

Young learners can say that they do not understand something or cannot do something, and ask for help, using expressions such as 'Could you say it again, pleases?'.

Young learners can talk about a problem in simple terms.

Young learners can understand longer texts about everyday topics, even if they do not know all the words.

Young learners can use a dictionary to help them understand a word they do not know.

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