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Dress for your shape-高级词汇

补充一个词汇: draw attention to: attract attention or interest.


______ ______ ______ dressing for your body shape is to ______ your best ______ and ______ ______ the not-so-good ones.

Here are a few _______.

Wearing dark colours or vertical stripes will _______ _______ _______ of being slimmer.

For women, high heels are _______ because they _______ the length of the legs.

If you are pear-shaped (narrow shoulders and broad hips), jeans that sit below the waist are flattering, as they ______ _______ ______ the waistline and make the bottom look smaller.

For women with broad shoulders and narrow hips, a V-neck dress _______ _______ _______ down and in, and away from the shoulders and arms.

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