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PTE General - collocation - 搭配练习

1. THE BIG QUESTION IS THIS: can you continue to be regarded as a serious musician _______ having a face that keeps appearing on the cover of celebrity magazines?

A. as long as

B. in spite of

C. to go with

2. New editor for DT?

It has become clear that John Simons is to _______ as editor of the Daily Times after the surprise resignation of Simon Rathbone.

A. move in

B. take over

C. carry on

3. He has long been respected by his colleagues, and the quality of his writing was finally recognised last year when he won the ________ of Journalist of the Year for his work on newspapers and magazines.

A. reward

B. medal

C. award

4. For me, the most depressing thing about their new album is its lack of invention -- they just seem to be _______ old ideas.

A. revising

B. reviewing

C. recycling

5. Despite the efforts of conservationists, the number of animal species under threat of extinction due to human ________ continues to increase.

A. activities

B. doings

C. intentions


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