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PTE General/Gaokao/Zhongkao - reading - 阅读练习

我们与大家分享一道来自PTE General 阅读考试题,这篇文章的题目难度系数并不大,选项也只有三项而不是传统的四项。在上面这道例题里,答案在文章中的第一句they're big, brave and scary, right? Well, not necessarily it seems。应该说选项A是最有干扰的一项,但probably的语气是非常肯定的;但最好的判断依据是来自选项B中的usually thought of.


1. The Wild Animal Park wanted the tigers to

A. entertain visitors.

B. return to the wild.

C. appear more scary.

2. The problem with the tigers is that they

A. have become dependent on people.

B. were born and brought up in the zoo.

C. seem to be too difficult to train.

3. The tigers went up to one animal because

A. It was less aggressive

B. It had lost consciousness.

C. They had got used to it.

4. The keepers are now trying to change the tigers' behaviour by

A. putting them with wild tigers.

B. making their cages less comfortable.

C. keeping them outside for longer.

5. In the end, the zoo may have to

A. teach the tigers to hunt

B. let the tigers go free.

C. feed the tigers less.



1. A; 2. A; 3. B; 4. C; 5. C

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