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IELTS/TOEFL - 写作口语话题 - means of transport

These days going for a stroll on the pavement in many cities of China, you probably see there are either yellowish or orangish two wheels docking there. What an urbanite needs to do is to wave their smartphone over a QR code near the rear mudguard, and the lock snaps open and off they ride. More beneficially, customers do not necessarily return the bikes to any docking stations, which are allowed to be left anywhere .

Yet nothing is impeccable that such a dockless system is prone to abuse. Some riders hide the bikes in or near their homes to prevent others from renting them. The more selfish first scan QR code and then scratch it off to make the code unusable totally. In this way, the rider can monopolise the bike until their inappropriate behaviour is detected by high-tech gadgetry that often makes it more expensive for the wrongdoer to rent the bikes next time.

Shall we weigh up the two-wheels scheme despite its representation of green innovation before deciding how to help our choked cities less worse.


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