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Ethical business - 道德商业 - 评论文章

In this day and age, when it comes to business across the globe, people often come up with profit that of course decides whether a firm may run the business successfully. Yet shall we draw a little attention to morality as we sell products or services to customers?

This could be unrealistic if a company apart from NGOs barely prioritise profit margin. The nature of commercialisation has been driving such a business to move forwards for ages so that it is capable of making use of capital gained to invest in innovation which, in turn, benefits the corp. As a result, some misdemeanours, such as fraudulent manipulation of price tag, exaggeration of advertisements and counterfeit products or unprofessional service, violate the business code that should have been observed undoubtedly.

What if businesspeople seeded the conscience-stricken feeling in their mind whenever they handle each case with clients. The whole society could bear fruit and develop integrity, in the end, isolation among people can be kept at bay. Rather than belonging to avarice and mercenary, business can in fact make an intimate with propriety as long as a merchant does not use profit-seeking excuse. There is no conflict between takings and principle instead reconciliation leads us to a decent future.

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