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Chinese English test at secondary school - 高考补全文章


A. account B. adjustable C. appliances D. capture E. decorations F. direct

G. experiment H. intended I. operated J. soulless K. squeeze

Golden Rules of Good Design

What makes good design? Over the years, designers and artists have been trying to 41 the essentials of good design. They have found that some sayings can help people understand the ideas of good design. There are four as follows.

首先我们需要判断这里需要一个verb动词,选项里只有A, D, F, G and K,根据句子的意思这里需要一个动词表达catch or get的意思。那么选项D是最为合适的。

Less is more. This saying is associated with the German-born architect Mies van der Rohe. In his Modernist view, beauty lies in simplicity and elegance, and the aim of the designer is to create solutions to problems through the most efficient means. Design should avoid unnecessary 42

这道题目依然首先判断word classes/part of speech词性,这里需要一个noun名词,那么A, C, E and G有可能,这段的首句告诉我们less is more那么装饰有关就能够判断出E decorations是我们要的答案。

More is not a bore. The American-born architect Robert Venturi concluded that if simplicity is done badly, the result is 43 design. Post-Modernist designers began to 44 with decoration and colour again. Product design was heavily influenced by this view and can be seen in kitchen 45 such as ovens and kettles.

43题part of speech词性为adj形容词,B, F, H, I and J是有可能的,接下来是意思的判断,哪个形容词可以跟design结合并且表达negative的意思,基本上只有J是有负面的意思因为形容词后缀-less

44题再次需要verb动词,那么只剩下A, F, G and K,这句话本身表达的意思是开始做一件事情。G选项experiment最为合适并且是intransitive不及物动词。

45题需要名词那么只剩下A and C,G选项已被认为是动词被选中。 而这道题目需要描述kitchen用具,自然C选项是最佳答案。

Fitness for purpose. Successful product design takes into consideration a product’s function, purpose, shape, form, colour, and so on. The most important result for the user is that the product does what is 46 . For example, think of a(n) 47 desk lamp. It needs to be constructed from materials that will stand the heat of the lamp and regular adjustments by the user. It also needs to be stable. Most importantly, it needs to 48 light where it is needed.

46和47题是相同类型的,都需要adj形容词,当然我们知道adj可以有不同的形式例如doing/done又或者有adj后缀。形容词还剩下的选项为B, F, H and I。接下来又需要靠意思理解作出判断。46 是product does what is intended 表示跟设计的一样,47 需要一个adj跟lamp结合,adjustable是可调的意思也是唯一的可能。

48题再次需要verb动词,词库里还剩下A, F and K,光线需要被指引跟方向有关,这样F direct是这道题目的答案。

From follows emotion. This phrase is associated with the German designer Hartmut Esslinger. He believes design must take into 49 the sensory side of our nature—sight, smell, touch and taste. These are as important as rational (理性的) thinking. When choosing everyday products such as toothpaste, we appreciate a cool-looking device that allows us to easily 50 the toothpaste onto our brush.

49题其实不需要什么技巧,这是一个常规的搭配take something into account or take into account something,所以A选项account是答案。

50题根据句子意思是需要挤牙膏的动作,由于动词库里只有A and K,而且A又被当noun名词选中了,只剩下 K选项了。

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