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IELTS SPEAKING - part 2 - adventurous person

Describe an adventurous person who you know You should say: Who the person is How you know this person

What this person does that is adventurous And explain why you think this person likes to take risks

I’d like to talk about the most adventurous person I’ve ever seen and met.The best example of this person when I cross my mind is my previous English tutor, who is around 31 years old. You know, he has been tutoring my spoken and written English since last summer.

Well, the first time I met my private teacher was when I decided to study in the UK, which required an English certificate before I could go abroad. So one of my close friends, who is now studying in Swansea University, recommended a professional English trainer to me. Throughout the training in person, I notice that he is a kind of person who’s obsessed with adventure and is dying to explore new stuffs and places.

When it comes to what abundant experiences he had in the past, I must admit that it’s a mysterious novel. I've heard lots of stories about him and many of them are so exciting and adventurous that they can be easily converted to stories or movies. he told me many times that he gets used to disappearing from home and then nobody knows where he has gone. All of a sudden he comes back and disappears again. He loves to read and visit different places across the world. All the stories I heard about him from my friend and some of them from him seem very interesting and new to me.

My final point is that why adventuring unexplored places is his cup of tea is simply because he could immerse himself into various cultures that make his life full of colours. Presumably, his language communication skill does him a great favour when he pays a visit to anywhere he wants.


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