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Some students prefer to take online courses. Others prefer to study in a classroom with a live teacher. Which do you think is better and why?

15 seconds preparation time; 45 seconds to speak

As you can see, there are two possibilities of taking classes. One option is to take them on-screen. The other one is to do the course in classroom.

Although we can’t have our cake and eat it, it seems to me that attending online class might be the better choice. First, I am able to decide when to begin the class, which may be at my convenience so as to highly focus on my study. Second, if there is anything I haven’t worked out, I could replay the course as many time as I wish if that is necessary. Finally, it’s unnecessary to commute from my own room to school, which really wastes my time.

Even though, some of my friends are still in favour of in-class courses which bring interaction with teachers and students, on the whole for me, taking a course virtually is the smarter option.

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