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学科知识有声分享 - psychology/心理学 - the brain and nervous system


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Although the heart has been traditionally viewed as the 'seat of the soul', the ancient Egyptians recognised that the brain is the home of the mind. Even for mind-body dualists, who believe the immaterial mind and physical body to be quite separate, the brain is where the two communicate. In biopsychological terms, however, a better explanation is that the brain and nervous system are the interface, not between our mental and physical selves, but between our selves and the external world.

Information from the sensory organs is transmitted to the brain, and 'instructions' from the brain are sent back to control our actions and behaviour. As well as enabling us to interact with the outside world, the brain's neutral networks deal with incoming data, and are associated with our consciousness, experience and perception, as well as thought processes, such as reasoning and decision-making.

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