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Prisons - 高级词汇


Since the _______ of _______ _______ in the UK, time in prison is the most serious punishment allowed by law. It satisfies our need for _______, and longer sentences are meant to be a _______. Furthermore, criminals who are _______ _______ are no threat to society, and _________ programmes in prison give criminals a chance to _______ _______ _______ ________ ________. However, the current system is ________ ________. More people are being ________, over 60 per cent ________, and for some criminals, prison is simply ________ as an ________ ________. Is it just our way of ________ ________? If so, can we ________ its continued existence?


abolition; capital punishment; retribution; deterrent; locked up; rehabilitation; turn over a new leaf; in crisis; imprisoned; reoffend; regarded; occupational hazard; taking revenge; justify;

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