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The potato - 有声 - Intermediate level


Please click the audio so as to listen to the story:

How often do you eat potatoes every week? Once or twice a week, month, season or year

How do you usually cook potatoes? baking, boiling, frying, or steaming

Have you ever regarded potato as a staple food? perhaps rice or noodles or spaghetti is a better option.


Background story:

Sheila Dillon digs up the remarkable story of how potatoes changed the world, offer a whole spectrum of flavour, and might shape our food future.

With Sheila are cook and food writer Anna Jones, Charles C. Mann - author of '1493 - How Europe's Discovery of the Americas Revolutionized Trade, Ecology and Life on Earth', and the potato revolutionary and agronomist Alan Wilson.

Presenter: Sheila Dillon Producer: Rich Ward.

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