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Iain Sinclair and Keggie Carew - 有声 - Upper-intermediate level


Please click the audio so as to listen to the conversation:

Listening to an artistic topic is by no means a piece of cake unless you are a maven of art owing to the fact that there are myriads of special terms in the field, which range from various artefacts to descriptive artistry to emotional expression.

Background story:

Writer Iain Sinclair meets artist Keggie Carew to talk about her book Dadland.

Before turning to writing, Keggie made a career as a conceptual artist, painting, running a studio space and a shop called"the world the way i want it". Her first book, Dadland, won the 2016 Costa Award for Biography. It describes her long and complex investigation into the life of her father Tom, a World War 2 hero who parachuted behind enemy lines into both France and Burma, set against his decline into dementia towards the end of his life.

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