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Paper - 有声 - pre-intermediate level


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Paper is made from trees, so when we recycle used paper to make new paper, we save trees. Our used paper goes to a paper recycling factory. Here, machines cut the paper and put the pieces in water. This makes the paper into fibres. Then, machines wash the fibres to take out things like staples and glue.

Next, machines put in soap and they blow air through the water and fibres. This makes bubbles. Ink stays on the bubbles, and machines take out the inky bubbles to make the fibres clean. Then machines use the fibres to make new paper.

Every time we recycle paper, the fibres get smaller and weaker, and then they are not so good for making new paper. This means that we can only recycle paper from four to six times. So we will always need some new trees to make paper.

本篇文章适用与IELTS 流程图写作and PTE图表口语描述。

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