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五彩斑斓的世界 - Episode 2

Updated: Aug 20, 2020


After publishing the first episode, we are greatly encouraged to carry on more episodes focusing on what all kids are interested in. In the 2nd episode, our little guest Matthew reminds us his friends with him all adore different kinds of wheels like bike he probably rides every day. Therefore the new episode gives a clear presentation for 'kids' vehicles', which is a formal name I come up with for lovely children.

If watching the entire clip in detail, you probably notice what challenges Matthew is facing there, for example, 'can you swim?', apparently Matthew can't utter swim articulately but he just did the question fluently, by the way, with good intonation. Our advice is that don't let your kids continuously imitate any difficult pronunciations in case of some words whose sounds they can't make. 

From learning progress's point of view, I definitely love kids' method: getting all pieces of information naturally, which helps them acquire a foreign language at a faster pace. I often tell my adult students who get used to noting down as much information as they can, that sometimes or I should say most cases, counting on your brain is far more efficient than doing on your pen and paper. This is simply because the natural way of catching a new language is to process any new symbol or letter by active brain rather than by emotionless handwriting though the latter does give us a hand occasionally.

Anyway, enjoy watching with Matthew!

And see you next episode!


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