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英语应用-冠词-Episode 2

Updated: Aug 20, 2020



In the previous lesson, I gave a brief explanation of the foundation of articles. In my view, the trickiest thing is the pronunciation of 'the' because many of us misperceive that 'the' has a unique sound but in fact, the sound of 'the' varies as it links up with a noun, whose first sound is either vowel or consonant.

In the 2nd lesson, I'm mainly focusing on how to use articles accurately and reminding my students about some special usage of articles, particularly for definite ones, which are often misused in Asia. Throughout the lesson, there are many examples showing how articles work together with nouns naturally, which, I hope, learners may grasp completely. 

Rules are rules, they can never replace the practical application unless you're a grammar pedant. What I am trying to say is articles are really trivial stuff at the beginning of catching English. If desperately wanting to work out any logical reason behind each article, you probably end up giving English up tragically.  However, it's nonsense that any intermediate learner still ignores the precise usage of articles if they are still ambitious to master the language.


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