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IELTS - Reading - True/False/NG


1. The activities going on at the MIT campus are like those at any other university.

划线的句子给出的信息是little going on这跟问题完全相反。所以这道题目是false

2. Harvard and MIT shared a similar approach to education when they were founded.

划线句子标明了Harvard采用了Latin and Greek,MIT采用了German system. 所以他们完全相反为false

3. The school motto was suggested by a former MIT student.

4. MIT's logo reflects the belief that intellect and craftsmanship go together.

第3题和第4题答案在第二段划线处。Mind and hand 是MIT motto但没有表明来自谁,所以第三题为NG。第四题在同一处第二句提议了intellect and craftsmanship 是有relationship = symbiosis。那么答案为true

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