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IELTS SPEAKING - part 2 - enjoyable event

Describe a time when you had to wait in a traffic jam

You should say: When and where it happened How long you were in the traffic jam what you did while waiting And explain how you felt when you were in that traffic jam or what happened as a result of that traffic jam

I’d like to talk about an occasion of traffic congestion I experienced last time. I recall it happened few months ago, just one of days over the National holiday in China. My family and I were on the way to a new outlet of IKEA that is one of largest furniture manufacturers across the world. My close friend told me this brand-new store places the largest scale in the southwest of China. So my father drove us to there on the first day of the holiday.

Speaking of how long we were in the traffic jam, in fact no one expected there could be a heavy traffic on the way. This is mainly because most residents living in my hometown preferred to go abroad during their vacation. Normally we could expect less traffic on the road. Unfortunately, after setting off home for only half an hour, we got stuck in the middle of the bridge linking two of the busiest districts in Chongqing.

We could only see cars stretched ahead of us and behind. At the beginning my father thought traffic jam usually wouldn’t last for long time, so we sat in the same spot without moving a muscle for almost one hour. During that period, we couldn’t do anything except waiting and listening to musics from my CD. In fact, how much time spent there had completely slipped my mind. The only thing that took me back was DVD player on our car played the same album for at least three times.

Eventually one of drivers from the front car told us the reason why the traffic couldn’t move was someone tried to commit a suicide on the edge of bridge. Policemen and ambulance were standby on the opposite of bridge. Luckily our patient waiting finally saved the victim at a cost of time of all drivers on the bridge.

我们发现在中国参加雅思的考生绝大多数是要达到口语6.0-6.5分,而这个分数的口语需要较好的流利度。而太多的培训机构为了显示自己的教学能力,在口语part 1 and part 2设置了太多阻碍学生流利度的词汇,结果反而事与愿违。


以上口语答案在保证流利度的情况下可以让大家轻松实现6.5分,前提是part 1也发挥正常,part 3能够完成基本的任务。

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