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Illiteracy is the demon of life


In the religious world no matter Christian or Catholic, most of the believers cling to a belief that humankind should be phobia of any misdemeanour, which is tantamount to an amulet against evil, disease and unhappiness. What if some owns magic to preclude Satan, can we reinterpret there is no hurdle restraining his deeds in terms of immorality, uncivilisation and brutality.

Perhaps you may re-contemplate what factor must pay the due to misleading to the bloody-minded. Categorically, nothing is more responsible than illiteracy that often beguiles an originally innocent human beings for unstoppable consequences it brings about. It seems to me that there would be no panacea coming in handy if anyone enquired the ‘great escape’ from the ferment on account of illiteracy. Why not straightaway say a farewell to the demon rooted in illiteracy, it’s better late than never.

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