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The bundle of sticks


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5. The bundle of sticks Mrs McKenzie has six sons, but they are always fighting among themselves which makes it hard to get any work done. She shows them the error of their ways by asking each one in turn to snap a bundle of sticks in two. It is too difficult for any of them to snap the whole bundle, but when she unties the bundle and gives them one stick each to snap, it is easy. The sons realise the value of working together and by doing so win the top prize in a building competition. 6. The Gnat and the Lion The Gnat claims that he can outwit The Lion, despite the disparity in their size and strength. When Lion attacks, the Gnat jumps out of the way, buzzes around, then flies up the Lion’s nose, where he begins to bite. The Gnat only stops biting when the Lion agrees to call it the King of the Beasts. The Gnat is very pleased with itself and looks for somewhere suitably soft and comfortable to make a new home. It wraps itself in what looks like a lacy shawl, realising too late that it is a spider’s web. Despite the Gnat’s protest that it is the King of the Beasts, the spider eats it for supper. 7. The North Wind and the Sun The Sun is annoyed to see the North Wind causing chaos with its icy blasts, so challenges it to a contest to see which of them is strong enough to take the coat off a young man who is walking through the mountains. The Wind thinks this will be easy, so blows with all its might; but this only serves to make the man pull his coat more tightly around himself. When the Sun has its turn, it shines warmly and the man removes his coat. 8. The Fox and the grapes The Fox is very fond of itself for being both clever and handsome. He knows how to avoid the farmer's gun and how to find himself a tasty meal on the farm. One night the Fox finds a bunch of juicy grapes, which are just out of its reach. Even though the Fox can normally get what it wants, on this occasion the grapes remain out of its reach. So, Fox pretends not to have wanted them at all and that the grapes would most likely have been sour.

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