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The Dog, the Cockerel and the Fox


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9. The Dog, the Cockerel and the Fox

One day the Cockerel and the Dog go on an adventure, although the Cockerel needs some reassurance from the Dog that it will be protected against foxes. At sunset they come to a wood and find a hollow tree. The Dog can sleep inside the tree and the Cockerel can roost in the branches. The Dog reassures Cockerel that no fox will find him in the tree unless he crows. However, in the morning the Cockerel forgets himself and crows - attracting the Fox - who tries to trick the Cockerel into letting him up onto the branch. The Cockerel tricks the Fox in turn, by saying that his porter will let him in at the bottom of the tree. The porter is, of course, the Dog, who scares Fox away.

10. The Miller, his son and the Donkey

The Miller and his son are taking the grumpy Donkey to sell at the market. They decide to lead it, rather than ride it, so that the Donkey arrives fresh and thereby attracts a higher price. Some people laugh at them for not riding the Donkey - after all, what is a donkey for? So the son rides the Donkey for while, until some merchants criticise him for not allowing his master to ride, so they swap places. When they arrive at the town a group of girls criticise the Miller for not letting his son ride as well, so next they both ride the Donkey...and finally end up carrying the Donkey themselves! The Donkey manages to free itself but falls into a river and the Miller and his son are left with nothing to sell.

11. The Wolf and the Heron

A greedy Wolf gets a fish bone stuck in his throat. He sees the long beak of the Heron and asks for help. The Heron is reluctant, but agrees to help when he is promised a reward. The Heron removes the bone and requests his reward. But when he does so the Wolf tells him that not having bitten off his head is reward enough.

12. The Donkey in the lion's skin

A Donkey is tired of being laughed at by the other animals and wishes it was another creature. Its wish seems to be granted when it finds a lion costume and when the Donkey puts it on it starts to gain the respect of the other animals. When it comes across a fox it becomes over-confident, thinking it will sound like a lion if it tries to roar. The resulting bray gives the Donkey away and the fox pulls off the lion costume, making the other animals laugh at the Donkey again.

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