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The Lion and the Mouse


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The Lion and the Mouse

The Mouse happens upon the sleeping Lion in the forest. Unwisely, he climbs up onto the Lion and boasts about how mice need not be scared of lazy lions. The lion, by now not asleep, grabs the Mouse and prepares to eat it. The Mouse pleads for its life by claiming that one day it will be able to help the Lion. The Lion, finding this very funny, lets the Mouse go. The next day, the Mouse is indeed able to help the Lion, who is trapped in a hunter’s net. The Mouse gnaws through the rope to save the Lion, who thanks him and praises his bravery.

The Caged Bird and the Bat

A songbird lives trapped in a cage outside the cottage window of a hunter. The bird can sing beautifully but never does so during daylight hours, having been caught by the hunter because of her song. The hunter wants the bird to sing for him, but during the day she pretends to be asleep, only singing at night. One night a bat flies past and asks the bird why she only sings at night. She explains that this is her plan not to get caught by a hunter again. The bat responds that there’s no use following this plan now that she’s already been caught!

The Fox and the Goat

A Fox is running along one day. Not looking where it is going, it falls down a well, and cannot climb out. The Goat asks the Fox what it is doing and the cunning Fox realises this is its chance to escape. The Fox claims that the water is the best in the world and invites the Goat to come down and share it. The Goat, feeling thirsty, does so, and enjoys a drink, but then realises that she too can’t climb out. The Fox climbs on the Goat’s back and manages to get out...leaving the Goat stranded.

The Lion and the Elephant

A Lion is awoken each morning by the crowing of a Cockerel. The Lion comes to be afraid of the noise of the Cock’s crowing and is ashamed of himself for this, given that he is so big. The Lion asks the other animals but none of them shares the Lion's fear. However, the Elephant does admit to being afraid of a small insect - it fears what should happen if the insect were to fly inside its ears. For this reason, the Elephant is constantly shaking its head around. The Lion finds it hard to believe that such a large animal should be afraid of such a small one...and thereby realises its own fear is irrational.

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