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The Internet creates an egalitarian society

In the previous years, the well-to-do took an unrivalled advantage of all the information resources ranging from scientific research to adventurous business to daily basis. It appears that who possessed the access undoubtedly owned the world particularly in education sector. Tutors or lecturers acquiring the firsthand materials used to pedantically teach something without any doubt from muted learners who fretted about being a bad name on the blacklist.

Nonetheless, the 'dictatorship' at school has faded away owing to the emerging of the Internet in the middle of 1990s. Students could verify whether what they have been taught is absolutely not wide of the mark through looking for a great deal of information online.

Educators too slothful to update their knowledge seem to undergo more challenges and complaints. This is because an equal society cannot tolerate such a free-ride any more.

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