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Pandemic of overusing mobile phone

Going for a stroll in the complex, where the population is not so dense as those in the various city centres of Chongqing, my wife and I inadvertently noticed the vast majority of millennials were staring at their smartphone as walking briskly.

Outside the complex some takeaway delivers who sat on scooter also checked messages intermittently and a few owners of stalls perching in front of their shop watched the super-huge screen with blue-ray reflecting their greasy faces.

All of a sudden, we came up with the same question simultaneously: did we see most of the youth in Europe were addicted to their gadget whenever maneuvering as we went on holiday in the previous month? It is conspicuous that head-down culture has been widespread across the globe. Yet, the situation of the worldwide trend in China seemingly has been exacerbating since a few fintechs or giant hi-techs entered into one of the most competitive markets that are the individual mobile phone.

What we are fretting about today is not how badly using such a 24/7 online device might affect our eyesight but what meaningful life brings to us. It is often said that variety is the spice of life perhaps such an adage should be transformed into a new way: mobile phone is the spice of life!

Everyone has a right to opt for a life they are in pursuit of. However, none of us prefers to be buried by the electric device our ancestor would consider as a bizarre communication tool. It is better late than never: anyone may successfully get rid of the addictiveness before 'malignant tumors' spread over the entire physical body.

Why not just simply turn off your phone, talk to your beloved ones or do some sports? Please bear in mind that pandemic is not fatal but you could be infected straight away!

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