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Posterity of Parvenu

That a virago driving a posh vehicle slapped a male driver’s face has disseminated on local tabloid news in Chongqing. It seems axiomatic that such a harpy represents a clique of spendthrifts who believes nothing is more paramount than the pecuniary matter or you may say their motto is ‘All is about money’.

It is commonplace that every kid is taught how to conduct their demeanour courteously, which is also named upbringing. Yet, why some of us start going awry as growing to maturity? Presumably, the prime culprit of the unprincipled behaviour is poor parental education that is hardly pertinent to how to be civilised humankind. The credo in which owning enormous fortune has instilled into supercilious youth looks as though it is indefatigable as long as life moves on.

Another exposition I am pondering could be illiteracy. One of my previous writings which is called ‘Illiteracy is demon’ links to exactly the same field, where the rags-to-riches never pay tribute to the magnitude of literacy. What has rooted in the posterity of nouveau riche is societal codes are none of their business unless there is any devastating consequence such as manslaughter in a car accident.

If the previous two factors are relating to so-called external things, the following reason that is answerable for the misdemeanour must be an internal counterpart – narcissism – that is too much interest in and admiration for your own physical appearance and or your own abilities. Only sitting behind fancy wheels and wearing luxurious garment can make the ostentatious feel more bumptious and unbridled no matter what embarrassing circumstances they are encountering.

What if everyone lives in an egalitarian society, can egotism of the rich still survive?

What if parents of super-rich go bankrupt, can they still maintain their assurance?

You know, everyone has their sure answer!

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