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雅思听力 - 1st Episode


​Yesterday I practised a section 1 of IELTS 15-the latest material of IELTS examination with one of my students. Most of the students believe that IELTS Section 1 sounds easier compared to Section 3 or 4, which sometimes make them feel scared. 

But the truth is what lowers listening score is surprisingly Section 1 or 2. Perhaps Section 1 starts first when lots of students haven't shifted their concentration on the exam particularly in the early morning. I have no idea how many students get used to staying up very late or feeling very focused at midnight. If so, I'm afraid you have to alter your biological clock otherwise you're highly possible to fail the next exam if testing in the same time zone as where you live.

We all know Section 1 mainly tests us the accuracy of noting down English information and any audio is played once only, meaning that there is one chance only if unluckily missing any question, we have to calmly move on to others, but it's easier said than done! 

I recall clearly what I heard from other English tutors in the first year I shifted my career into the education industry. Many of them taught their students how to predict a listening answer. For example, the correct answer is always last presented, something like that! I'm wondering any foolish student could believe in that (so-called listening skills) anymore today!

In this episode, I'm simply focusing on half of Section 1, where there are some challenging traps, which students whose listening comprehension is weak could find hard to cope with. However, if you keep practising the basis of listening questions, it's only a matter of time when exactly you perfect the listening skills.


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