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Here I'm very grateful for what little Matthew has done for us though he perhaps doesn't know how important his effort is. Anyway, I do hope such a short lesson may give him and any other kids a hand and pave a way for their bright future.

We all know kids are curious about everything in the world, where learning a new language is a part of the odyssey. So just let them go no matter how many mistakes they make as learning a language, who cares grammar, vocabulary and collocations, which are nonsense for those innocent young learners. 

As you can see from the clip above, Matthew says 'How to speak 挖掘机', I know this is not a natural expression. Instead of correcting his error straight away, I try saying it again in another proper way. 

For dear parents, please bear in mind that nobody is perfect and we all learn something and master it in the coming future from our own mistakes. The key to your kids' success is by no means any high score achieved or any certificate or degree acquired, but the joyfulness as they are heading towards their success.


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