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2010 – 2019 what you have done in the decade?

Since the beginning of the 2010s when ‘kicking off’ my career of foreign-language tutoring, I have been teaching different European languages as planned. Thank my lucky stars that I have yet to make publicity, which consumes a lot of energy, time and even health, for myself so that I could highly focus on what I am obsessed with all the time.

I do feel delighted that a few students I have ever taught have successfully not only found their way of how to make an honesty living but also realised that man cannot live by bread alone, in spite of the fact that many of the others may feel that their language training was another period of cramming that they used to encounter at university. 

For the sake of knowledge, the students who tended to pass an exam only may miss the chance of which they could make a more brightly foreseeable future, it has weighed on my conscience ever since. What if they could be more enthusiastic about knowledge itself? What if they could enjoy the process of learning rather than suffer from it? What if they would not have missed the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Perhaps it is a teacher’s job to instil attitude into my students that is how we become a civilised human being. Sometimes I discuss the topic with a few students – why we learn a foreign language like English or French? Many of us probably believe that it is a sort of modern knack demanded in the fierce job market, perhaps others may consider it as a communicative tool intensely used globally. 

No matter what your motive is when it comes to learning of the lingua franca, please bear in mind that the acquisition of a foreign language is to help widen our horizons, to teach us how to behave humbly and to learn why variety is the spice of life.


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