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PTE General - reading section

例题中的问题答案非常明显在第一行中就标明了long tradition,我们看看下面几道题目是如何回答的:

1. What instrument does Tony Haynes play?

在文中第三行trombonist,我们知道以-ist结尾的单词表示从事一类工作的人,并且这个单词也是第一次描述 Tony Haynes,因此trombone就是题目的答案。

2. What other role does the band have, apart from playing music?

关键词role是一个抽象名词means duty,除了playing music文中写为performing band,而紧跟后面是an educational project,而这就是正确的答案了。

3. In what situation does the writer recommend hearing the band?

关键词make more sense跟问题中的situation提及的a live setting结合到了一起。

4. Why don't Grand Union Orchestra play together very often?

全文的最后一句话其实很明显地告诉大家是expense,所以答案为due to the expense。

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