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If you could visit any foreign country in the world for two weeks, all expenses paid, which country would it be and why?

15 seconds preparation time and 45 seconds to speak

Task 1 的答案需要有清楚的三部分组成,而不是某些老师说的可以没有结尾,可以忽略开头,那样的确可以但在这部分的得分不会超过fair。


Where? maybe Japan

Why? food, customs, religion or the way of life

How it might change my life



Honestly, this’s an intriguing question I’ve never thought before. If I had an opportunity to pay a visit to a country free of charge, I undoubtedly pick up Japan.

I’d like to tell you the reasons behind my choice. First, Japan is a unique country compared to other places where I have lived. Personally, I’d relish visiting a country with such exotic customs, food and appearances. Moreover, I’d have the chance to have a look at people whose religion, belief and practices are ones I know very little about. Even thought my visit couldn’t last for a while, I’m sure it would be an unforgettable experience in my life.

To sum up, if I could go to Japan, I’d be able to observe a nation that is unlike any I’ve ever known. Why not to make my life experience more catholic?

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