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Common mistake - consider or regard

Consider and regard can both mean ‘believe’ or ‘realise’ or ‘understand’. When they mean ‘believe’ or ‘realise’ or ‘understand’, we don’t often use the continuous forms.


Consider takes several different patterns.

Consider + that-clause

When you consider that she was very scared, her story is even more remarkable.

Consider + object + to be

They consider him to be the best chef in the country.

Consider + object + to have

The ministry of trade considered the company to have the best vision for exports.


We don’t use as with consider:

We consider this to be a very serious issue.

Not: We consider this as a very serious issue.


We often use regard in the phrase ‘regard as’: regard(+ object) + as + noun phrase or adjective phrase:

The United Nations regard human rights as their main priority.

Alexander Graham Bell is regarded as the inventor of the telephone.

Do you regard their behaviour as good or bad?


Typical error

  • We don’t usually use the continuous forms of consider and regard:

When you consider that he was too young, you have to blame his parents.

Not: When you are considering that he was too young …

The government regards the economy as a main priority.

Not: The government is regarding the economy …

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