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Don't be beguiled by so-called accent

Wake up in the early morning, turn on BBC radio, this seems to be my daily routine wherever I am. Various accents are buzzing as I enjoy cereal with skim milk as well as toast with cheddar cheese. All of sudden, I am wondering whether an English accent on which many Chinese students put their shoulder to the wheel places an emphasis.

Why people who have strong accents like African, Indian and Singaporean may still articulate the common language fluently? Why many Chinese English tutors and students who fancy their privileged tones are still poor English-users particularly bad at spoken and written parts.

The stumbling block is by no means any technique we lack innately. Instead, personal ostentation is a culprit which stagnates the progress towards a foreign language such as English.

Don't look down other bizarre accents! Because there is no difference at all. The core of learning a new language is to communicate other than to flaunt yourself.

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