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The biggest threat to life

Have you ever thought of what the most dangerous threat to humankind is? Perhaps the first thing sprung to mind is terminal ailments like cancer, heart attack, stroke or other chronic diseases. According to the World Health Organisation, the death rates for cancers and heart disease was 15.5% each; it was 11.1% for strokes. While what people often neglect are road accidents which seemingly occur every second in the world.

Can you believe that one out of every 40 people who died in 2015 was killed in a vehicle accident, either as a driver, passenger or pedestrian? Roads are so hazardous that the probability of dying from a vehicle impact is greater than from the most prevalent natural causes of death. Yet the plight of road peril varies across the continents: The most nations in Africa and the Middle East undoubtedly have the deadliest roads. Are you confident of the road safety in your homeland while driving or strolling in the street.

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