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The number of voice calls [subject] made on mobile phones [Reduction relative clause] in the UK fell [verb] for the first time ever in 2017, despite the fact that [ASC] we seem hooked on our devices.

A total of 78% of all adults [subject] now own [verb] a smartphone.

A high percentage (71%) [subject] say that [complement] they never turn off their phones and 78% say they could not live without it.

Two in five adults [subject] look at [verb] their phone within five minutes of waking, while a third check their phones just before [ASC] falling asleep.

The average daily time [subject] spent on a smartphone [Reduction relative clause] is [verb] two hours 28 minutes, rising to three hours 14 minutes for 18 to 24-year-olds[Reduction relative clause] {age expression}.

More than half [subject] agree that [complement] connected devices interrupt face-to-face conversations with family and friends, with 43% admitting to spending too much time online [Reduction relative clause].

For the first time, women spent more time online than men, particularly in the age group 18 to 34 {age expression} where females spent an average half an hour longer online than men [ADV relative clause].

When it comes to whether it is acceptable to be on a phone [noun clause] while [ASC] watching TV, 62% of the over-55s object compared with only 21% of those aged 18-34 {age expression}.

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