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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

在全球华的影响下,我们无法避免外来文化对我们的影响,例如fast food,几乎每个大城市都覆盖了几十甚至几百家。对于孩子们来说,没有什么比亲身体验更好地融入到不一样的文化中,但这不应该成为我们忽略健康的理由。

I'm very sorry for our loyal audience though only dozens every time. After a super hectic week, finally today I've some spare time, sitting in front of the desktop and thinking what I'm going to share with everyone. More often than not, I should have done every few days, never mind that it's better late than never. In the 4th episode, Matthew reminds me he adores junk foods like other kids at his age. No wonder fast food sometimes is irresistible to not only kids but also adults, perhaps few of us are capable of disliking fatty, salty and sweet taste that often symbolises fast food globally.  From Matthew's learning experience, we've learned rote-learning at school or home is by no means competitive with life learning. Rather than picking up every single name of food from boring and inanimate materials, Matthew with his mum went to a fast food outlet, where he asked his mum different names of food he ordered, in this way, his memory of those words had been strengthened greatly. You see living in a non-native speaking country, we could still carry on learning as long as our motivation and enthusiasm exist. However, many adult students often find all sorts of excuses grumbling about why they haven't improved their English after a really long long long time, sometimes even more than a decade. On the other hand, when it comes to health, I surely suggest all the parents not to let your kids eat fast food too frequently, let's say, maximum once a month. Otherwise, it is highly possible they would have to bear physical pain particularly some common chronic diseases once growing up, like overweight, high blood pressure, or even fatal heart attack.  For an enjoyable learning experience,  For a healthy physical body,

I'm confident all of you can make a smart decision!


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